Brandweermuseum Wassenaar

In Wassenaar, green oasis in the Randstad conurbation that stretches out between Leiden and The Hague, you will find the Wassenaar Fire Brigade Museum. The museum is tucked away in the basement of Raadhuis De Paauw.

It harbours a unique and complete collection of historic material covering 300 years of fire fighting in Wassenaar. Previously, it was stored in the barracks on Pieter Twentlaan, the former coach house belonging to De Paauw estate. The collection moved to the basement of the town hall in 1991.

The museum was established and until recently run by the Wassenaar fire brigade. A rare nugget of local history, giving a good idea of fire fighting in Wassenaar from the olden days until the late 1980’s. The visit is more than worth it.

Brandweermuseum Wassenaar

Raadhuislaan 22, 2242 CP Wassenaar

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