Boederij Nellesteijn

Boerderij Nellesteijn is a public cheese farm. The farm and its shop are located in the beautiful meadows just outside Wassenaar. It’s a traditional animal farm with 80 black-and-white dairy cows, 55 young calves and yearlings, 70 breeding sheep and a variety of popular pets.

During opening hours of the farm shop, you are welcome to have a look in the cattle stables and the sheds for young cows. The shop is open Wednesday, Thursday and Friday afternoons from 1-5 pm and Saturday from 11 am – 5 pm. March is lambing season! Many lambs are born then. During opening hours, you are most welcome to come see the pens and pet the lambs. The shop sells various kinds of farmers’ cheese. The cheese is made on the farm. To make cheese, we use daily fresh milk, which we get directly from the cows.

From April to October, the cows are free to graze on fresh grass in the lush green pastures both day and night. Farmers’ cheese is always made from raw milk. The raw milk and the traditional way of producing the cheese account for its rich, flavoursome and unique taste.

Boederij Nellesteijn

Maaldrift 6, Wassenaar

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